It's painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that the world we live in needs a lot of help. There are more social justice tragedies than I have fingers. While I am missing two fingers, that is still a lot of tragedy and none of it is okay. I believe that we all have a huge part to play in changing that. My heart bleeds for social justice on behalf of children like me in under-developed countries simply because I know my life would look drastically different had I not been born in Minneapolis.

Maybe you aren't passionate about that issue. That's okay! Whatever your passion is in life I want you to be able to chase after it with 110% of your being and I wholeheartedly believe we cannot do that if we are constantly sick and unhealthy. I'll never tell you how to get "the perfect body" because I don't believe it exists. I also write just as regularly about tinder and beer as I do Jesus so let's take any life advice I give with a grain of salt.  I'm not a dietician nor am I a life coach, I'm just a 24 year old disabled yoga sculpt/barre teacher who loves her life and wants you to love yours too. I find joy in pointing people in the direction of the shit that keeps me sane and helps me change the world. I think that's why I find so much joy in this little blog - because it's just my real thoughts on real things that I love. 

That is exactly what you will find within the walls of this blog: the people, places, things and concepts that keep me healthy and happy in a fast paced life lived for others. I'm so glad you're here, I love you already.