The Only Person I'll Fast Chipotle For

I have a purple headed friend which would usually make people think of somebody who belongs in my high school’s anime club but she’s unbelievably elegant and not at all into Pokemon. It’s honestly a miracle that she has hair/is living in the first place because she is an ovarian cancer survivor. Sometimes I think I’m badass because I was born with an arm that looks like Picasso and not Michaelangelo sculpted my upper body but then I remember that my precious purple headed Misch spent her adolesence in a boxing ring with cancer and made it her bitch. I will forever be on my knees and kissing the feet my my queen because THAT is inspiring.


The first time I met my not yet purple head was at a random church event in which she mentioned her upcoming show.  A month later the grade A trainwreck that I am was in the middle of an awful breakup and desperate for events to preoccupy my broken heart and mind.  I recalled her mentioning this show and though I barely knew her or anyone there I had it on my calendar for weeks.  I legitimately sobbed through most of the show as I sat in a down jacket in the side/back of the venue. This wasn’t hard because I was a mess and also I’m always an emotional person, but I remember feeling like she was singing right at me and the lyrics were the perfect mix of melancholy and real life with hope.


Misch played at our first ever Uphold benefit concert and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve been to all but one of her shows and am in the very front; always dancing, usually in One Beer K mode. She’s the only artist I’ll actually buy music from vs just finding it on Spotify and I absolutely know she has what it takes to make it as an artist professionally. She’s the only person I know who can pull off a nose ring well and her voice sounds like the love child of Adele and Zoey Deschanel -- aka a dream.


Here’s the deal: I didn’t know why her voice sounded like a dream until she launched her kickstarter, which I am asking you to support.  I knew she had cancer, but what I didn’t realize was that instead of her oves maturing, the cancer mutated them and her hormones were crazy turning her voice into the saucy alto vibe that I’m in love with.  When people would call her house and she’d answer they’d think it was her father which would be a huge kick in the gut to any self-conscious teenager.  What’s crazier? She didn’t sing for years because of the complex her new, lower voice gave her.


I was kind of embarassed I didn’t already know this seeing as I consider her one of my closest Minneapolis friends, but I was sort of glad that I believed in her without knowing this so that I knew my support wasn’t just as her friend but as a music lover.  But then, when I found that out, my inner fighter was awakened.

So often people will say they support you and what you’re doing but when push comes to shove what happens? Do they actually back up their words? Do they check in on you? Do they become a consumer of this thing they claim to love? I’ve been a recipient of this apathetic epidemic firsthand and I’ve seen it happen to countless others.  Everyone is supportive on social media, but are they actually in real life? If every single one of Michelle’s followers gave $5 right now this project would be over-funded. OVER FRICKING FUNDED.


Look, I run a non-profit and I teach yoga neither of which give me pools of money to roll around in and laugh while I drink champagne and sushi.  If I could give Michelle the remaining 10k she needs to get her project started I’d do it in a heartbeat.  While I may not be able to throw down stacks, I can give what I can and then I can sacrifice because I believe that’s what real friends do. No one loves Chipotle more than me: its fast, convenient, delicious, not horrible for you, packed with protein and all around my one true love in life. I snap my entire Chipotle ordering experience to a different love song everytime I’m in there and have a spotify playlist saved on my phone called Chipotle. But you know what? A year from now I’m not going to remember intentionally fasting Chipotle for the duration of my friend’s kickstarter and donating the difference to make her dreams come true.  I’m going to see her on stages and killing the game and inspiring people and lighting up dark spaces with her music and I’ll once again have a mouth full of guac and I’ll be trying not to spittle chips out as I scream “THAT’S MY GIRL.”


This isn’t a “go Kelsey” moment, because I could probably sacrifice a lot more of a lot more things. Rather, my challenge to you today is 1. Support Michelle because she’s so talented it’s dumb and 2. Get dirty with your friends when they chase their dreams.  Don’t just like their social media stuff, don’t just comment, don’t just give words of affirmation.  Do something that signifies “I love ya, I believe in ya, and I’m in this with you.” I think if we all intentionally supported one another people would be less hesitant to jump out of the boat.


Also her kickstarter ends Sunday so you know where I’ll be for Monday lunch.


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