Body Slams

As a dancer I always get feedback from people who watch So You Think You Can Dance and want to try advanced contemporary classes with little to no recent dance background.   That’s like saying, “I did well in high school chemistry, so Walgreens, how about you hire me to be your pharmacist.”  It doesn’t work like that.  I usually just give them the stank eye and walk away.

Law and Order SVU


The dance that created these monstrosities on my body was choreographed to “Crazy in Love” from the new Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.  As much as I hate everything the Grey’s series promotes and stands for, I also am not so secretly in love with the soundtrack and therefore have conflicted feelings in regards to the movie being made.  Please pray for discernment as I process through all of this.  


The first time I ever heard this song it made me identify with so many feelings at once.  It’s slightly melancholy yet erotic at the same time.  Witchcraft, I tell you.  Anyways, as soon as I heard it I sent it to the director of the studio I’m a part of and said “THIS NEEDS TO BE A COMBO” and because it’s obviously the perfect song she complied.


The coreo itself could not have depicted my life better in this season.  BIG kicks, turns and jumps which immediately turn into body slams on the ground.  No knee pads..  No mats.  No cheating and butt-scooting your way down.  Hell no.  That looks cheesy and boring.  Falling and smacking your knees on the ground time and time again isn’t pain free, but when others look at it from afar, it’s beautiful.


That’s what I want my life to be like.  I want people to think I dance through my life beautifully because I have had difficulties that send me crashing to the floor.  I want them to notice the amount of core strength necessary to pick myself up again and recognize that at the core of who I am as a person is a deep rooted foundation in who Christ is.  I want them to notice that because of the way I lived my life, things were deliberately thrown in my path to take me off course and I just turned it into a turn instead. 


It wouldn’t be beautiful if I just twirled around in a circle and never changed levels.  That’s what first graders do and no one thinks it’s cute except the annoying parents with the video camera tripod hanging out in the front blocking everyone’s view.  It also wouldn’t be beautiful if after the first fall I just stayed there.  Imagine, just sitting there for three minutes. It’d be awkward for everyone. Even worse—what if I just ran off stage?  Literally ran from my issues?  Everyone looking on at my performance would be like “did that seriously just happen? What is she thinking?”


What makes contemporary dance so beautiful to watch is the different layers, levels, and transitions that you know must not be easy, yet dancers make it look like cake.  Walking is boring.  It’s not inspirational.  Sure, your knees may not get banged up but let’s look on the bright side:  I’ll always have a future in being a “Law & Order: SVU” extra.  

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