Birth of the Blog

Confession time:  I was scared to start the brave blog.  

I've always loved writing, I've always loved taking risks and doing crazy things, I've always liked messing with stereotypes, I've always loved making people laugh and I've always loved Jesus...which what Be the Bravest is all about.  Growing up I never really cared about what anyone thought about me.  I knew I was confident in who I was, I knew Jesus loved me, and I knew if people didn't like me it was actually their loss. However, after a series of toxic emotional abuse with people that I couldn't mute for a season, I began to doubt everything.  

I came back to South Africa to refocus on the mission and vision for Uphold, the non-profit I've started to help children with disabilities, and being in an environment full of nonstop encouragement has been like a B-Vitamin injection into the butt cheeks of my soul.  

The reason being back here has been so good for me is because I've been able to let all of my mess hang out.  I haven't felt the need to hide in fear of being judged by people who have no reason to judge me in the first place.  I haven't felt as if I'm under a microscope and every mistake is going to be noticed and pointed out.  I'm in an environment that is full of love and grace -- and that is what helps people grow. 

I've realized that Be the Bravest isn't just a side therapeutic project for myself, but I believe that it's something that's very needed.  

Unintentionally, Christian environments have become isolating.  We isolate one another by pretending we have it all together when the fact of the matter is we are all SO gross and twisted on the inside.  You, me, your grandma, my grandma.  We're nasty.  We're sinful, we make mistakes, and we hide it from others. Then, when we start to feel convicted about our mistakes and sin and want to come clean with others, we can't because everyone is so good at hiding their own BS that we feel like we're the only failures.  

Jesus is a God of unity, love and acceptance -- and we've created this environment that isolates ourselves and others until we feel we're so screwed up that not even the Savior can love us anymore. In my mind Jesus is looking at us like "What the heck brah?  That whole cross scenario wasn't enough for you?"

So, I've got this idea that's revolutionized my way of thinking, writing, and doing life in general:  what if we were all brutally honest about our stories?  What if we celebrated the good, acknowledged the bad, and got on with life.  I think we'd laugh more.  I think we'd grow more.  I think we'd accomplish more.  I think we'd love others more, help others more and be more stable.  Most importantly, I know we'd point others to Jesus more.  Which ultimately, is what life is all about. 

So, I'm going first.  I'm getting off my high horse and telling you stories about my life that highlight not just the good, but bring you on the journeys of my major slip ups.  I'm done faking my way through life, and I'm stoked you finally get to hang out with the real me...virtually of course.

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