Controversial vegetables.

Here's the deal: I'm tired of brussel sprouts getting a bad rap.  


They're not bad, they're just complex. You can't quickly slice them, throw them in a pan with some EVOO (or butter, if you're Paula Dean) and throw a few herbs on them and expect them to be good. Brussel sprouts got the ultimate slap in the face when the creators of veggie tales didn't even give them a significant role. Vegetable racism at it's finest.


You have to cut their stems off, peel the outer layers off, cut them again, rinse them again, and roast them with the right combination of other ingredients in order for them to turn out. 


When they're done right not only are sprouts one of the best vegetables for you, they're delicious. If you don't believe me it's probably because one of the elements of making good brussel sprouts was missing.  


They require attention, planning in advance, preparation, execution and time... Just like anything that is both good and good for you. 


I feel like in life we try to do the same thing most people do with brussel sprouts. We want the goodness and we want it to be simple so we skip parts, and therefore end up with not sub-par side dishes but subpar life experiences, which are FAR more detrimental to our lives as a whole.  


What's worse? Then we start avoiding the brussel sprouts of life. The glorious, adventuresome growth opportunities that could potentially be the best things about our lives. 

This weeks challenge: take on a challenge that requires attention, planning in advance, preparation, execution and time. Put yourself in a position where you have to try something new that will not only behefit you immediately but will develop your character. And eat brussel sprouts. 


Kelsey LindellComment