High-waisted Lyfe.

I've made a decision.  Some might call it a change in the way that I do life in general, actually.  I avoided this change for many months, hoping it would eventually go away.  I disregarded my hipster fashion-forward friends' closets and instagram photos and I stuck to my old ways for so long.  I thought I had escaped.  I thought I wouldn't cave.  With every sale sign I would whisper "stay strong, don't do it. those are for other people". 

I come to you today as a new woman.  I am no longer avoiding the high-waisted jeans trend like the plague.  In fact, I am embracing them.  For almost an entire year I refused to wear them.  I accidentally got a pair in a hurry and put them on at home once and looked in the mirror.  To my horror, my 5'1" and 108 pound frame looked like Kim Kardashian's booty had been photoshopped onto it.  There's nothing wrong with having a big booty, but when you're able to shop in the kids section at most department stores and all of a sudden you feel like your donk has erupted its not a good feeling.  

I folded up the jeans, made a silent oath to not speak of them again and went back to the jegging lyfe. (Yes, I meant to spell it that way). 

You know when people go through something traumatic/life changing and they want to do something to change their physical appearance?  Like how pregnant women always seem to cut their hair?  Or when someone loses a loved one they get a tat?  Or how when 18 year old Christian girls turn 18 they'll either get a nose piercing or a fish tat on their ankle?

This was my change.  A new, high-waisted jeans Kelsey has emerged.  I'm no longer scared of looking like I belong in the J-Lo "Booty" music video, but I am learning to style them in ways that work for ME instead of avoiding such a cool thing all together.  Enter here crop tops, flowy tucked tees, and leather jackets.  Paired with a beanie, duh.  I've now learned that when styled appropriately and for the individual, high waisted jeans work for anyone. Not like a snuggie works for everyone because there's no form...but they really, truly work.  

As I've grown into this new phase of life I have to wonder, how often do we avoid other really cool changes just because we think it'll be kind of awkward or scary at first?  We're scared people are going to look at us funny.  We think these changes would look better on other bodies (or personalities).  We're so weird like that.  All we need to do is find the right fit for the "high waisted jeans" we're secretly dying to make work, and go for it.  Then, the magic of compliments and encouragement of our new ways gives us the confidence to do it again, in other ways. Bravery starts with being able to step out in new, stupid ways and laugh through them like this.  Be the bravest you can in the little things, and soon you'll be the bravest you can in the big.

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