Athleta Powervita

On a regular week I teach five times a week, I take at least five classes on top of that, and we all know I pretty much never wear real pants around my home. In fact, yesterday I met up with my photographer and the first words out of her mouth were “You’re wearing real pants AND a shirt?!” My best friend was arriving from South Africa, so it was a major celebratory moment.


If you walk into my room on any given day you’ll see a big massive metal container with a mound of black fabric erupting from it: this is probably why you rarely see me instagramming my bedroom - yoga pants. If we’re counting correctly, that’s a minimum of 17 pairs of yoga pants that I go through a week. Aka your girl has her hand and a half full of laundry at all times. As much as I love bonding with my tide detergent, I’ve got a world to change, students to teach, burritos to eat, and bumble dates to date. Enter the hero of the story: Athleta Powervita.


The pants and sports bra stayed on my body from my 6 AM spin class, to my 12:00 taco/yoga collab event and all the way through my 4:30 class. The fabric never got nasty, nappy or stinky, so much so that I never felt the need to change in between my sweat meetings for my normal meetings. The fabric is ULTRA soft which is a nice contrast to the types of moisture wicking fabrics usually on the market.

Athleta Powervita


Usually, any type of pant that doesn’t trap the sweat between your skin and fresh air like a hostage only Jack Bauer can free ends up feeling like you’re wearing plastic and has a horrible muffin top look that would make even a participant of American Ninja Warrior look like a stuffed sausage. NOT THESE GUYS. In fact, this little sports bra is so sexy that it feels like I’m working out in the most flattering, simple lingerie ever created. Needless to say, ya girl is a fan.


What are YOUR thoughts? Have you tried the Athleta Powervita fabrics yet? I’d love to hear your experiences!