Alchemy 365

Pursue Your Legend - that sounds familiar, right? You've probably heard it before because of all of the buzz and hype surrounding the newest workout craze to hit the twin cities in the past year or so - Alchemy. The gym combines the best of yoga, crossfit and other exercise forms, but after one look at their community you realize it's so much more than a workout - it's a lifestyle.

Uphold is why I'm so incredibly passionate about fitness and wellness - I could care less about "the perfect body" (I type as I literally just pounded not one but two Glam Doll donuts this morning). However, maintaining a balanced lifestyle that incorporates primarily exercise, veggies, protein and sleep is more about keeping myself on my a-game so I can better show up for children with disabilities in other countries. 

There are so many companies out there that push the aesthetic of being a "fit chick" and looking a certain way, and to be entirely honest they make me want to gag. I'm missing half of my arm - I'll never have what society says is "the perfect body." In addition to an incredible workout, the core values of Alchemy are what really sold me on this inspiring facility.  Their messaging revolves around a simple but profound concept - pursuing your legend. Every time I have the privilege of speaking about Uphold I always open with "Uphold Global is one big, huge love story..." and talk about how we have the opportunity to write the greatest story the world has ever heard. 

Alchemy's message of pursuing your legend blends so well with the Uphold heartbeat it honestly baffles me that we didn't collaborate on projects sooner. Their messaging says:

 "We don’t create skinny people at Alchemy, we create bad-ass doers – doers of all kinds of things. We create Colorado mountain climbers, grocery bag lifters, and niece or nephew piggy backers. We create water skiers, self-defenders, apartment movers and driveway shovelers. We create weight lifters, puller-uppers, confidence carriers and Legend Pursuers. This is why Alchemy exists."

This Saturday we're adding "passionate humans who will do crazy things to fight for the rights of the world's most marginalized population - children with disabilities in underdeveloped countries," to the list of the things that Alchemy creates.

Another thing that I say when speaking about the story of Uphold is that every story has a problem, and the problem in our story is the biggest ever. In underdeveloped countries:

-90% of children born with physical disabilities like me will never go to school

-0.5% of people with disabilities will have a job

-75% higher rate of rape amongst girls with disabilities

-80% mortality rate before the age of 5, largely due to the fact that these cultures believe that children like me are cursed


A story with a problem this big doesn't just need one hero, but a team of legends. This is where Alchemy and Uphold and you come together. We're seeking world changers to come together and form the world's most legendary team on Saturday at 12:30 - a sweaty Justice League if you will. Our friends from Crisp and Green will be providing smoothies, Whole me and Nutmeg Spreads will be offering take home goodies and Bumble BFF will be providing swag for you and your homies and cronies.  Tell us we can count you in?