The Glow Lounge

I was born with an obsession with wanting to be hispanic. Vivid memories of laying out on our deck as a small child with tanning oil and my insane grandmother, some mint iced tea and my janky little MP3 player will forever and always be in my brain.

Obviously in MN you can't tan in the winter, and I was too young to go indoor tanning, but you better believe I still tried to channel my inner JLo. Gradual darkening lotions from the store didn't work with my skin tone and left me looking like a distant Trump relative. I also tried "natural" remedies of tea baths which did nothing but left me smelling like Lipton. 

I saw a few friends had gone to The Glow Lounge before their weddings and they looked 0% orange. If you can provide a spray tan that doesn't look like it's full of Vitamin C when paired against a big white dress you officially have my attention. 

So I checked it out, and fell in love and the rest is history. You feel like a damn queen when you leave and believe in miracles as you slowly changed from basic Midwestern caucasian chick to Mexican goddess. Additionally, they've been great supporters of swag bags at YogaFit events and I'm convinced that there is no better pick me up than a solid tan and solid workout. DREAMY.