Seven Sunday's

I tell every man I meet that the way to my heart is through helping me help children with special needs in Africa and only one has taken me up on that.  However, Seven Sunday's stepped up to the plate and not only became a little on-the-go reminder of home, but my go to choice for hurried breakfast when they partnered with me for an Uphold event.  


Muesli is a broad term used in both Australia and South Africa.  Its basically like granola, but far better.  It's eaten as cereal, hot or cold, and sadly hasn't caught on much in America.  Early this year I was at Spyhouse working and I hadn't eaten which anyone who knows me knows is never a good idea. Add in the obvious heart palpitations from Spyhouse coffee and we were in trouble: I needed food and I needed it fast.


I didn't want to eat a sugary croissant - scratch that I totally wanted to eat a sugar croissant - I knew that eating a sugary croissant would make me crash and feel worse so I tried a little lemon blueberry muesli bar from Seven Sundays and thought to myself: this is it. This is what I've been waiting and searching for.


You see life is so much easier when you're only kind of health wary. You eat granola bars instead of candy bars but they secretly have almost as much sugar. You eat vanilla greek yogurt which is just as horrid for you as ice cream. You eat a salad at a restaurant that is loaded with bacon, cheese, ranch dressing, breaded chicken and three wilted leaves of lettuce.  You don't have to pay attention when you're not serious about eating for your body's best functionality.  But as someone who is serious about my body's functionality, because I know it directly affects my work which affects my children, it's overwhelming to constantly think about food. This was my first little glimpse out there that there were pre-made healthy things out there that would make my life a million times easier.


Fast forward three months and these guys provided incredible little brekkie bars for our YogaFit charity event benefitting Uphold and from that moment on I was signed, sealed, delivered theirs.