Purely Elizabeth

When I was at daycare as a small child I remember eating pre-packaged oatmeal envelopes that were supposed to be flavored like apple cinnamon or brown sugar. It was sweet and carby and kind of like warm liquid cake on a spoon and I was still living in my "I'll only eat mac'n'cheese out of a box" days so I was pretty easy to please. 

I haven't eaten those in years and make oatmeal at home for breakfast at least once a week but it always ended up being boring and therefore far less appealing than eggs (I'm much more of a savory person) but eggs took too much work. Sometimes I'd just skip breakfast all together. 

I saw Purely Elizabeth on my fellow Minneapolis blogger and YogaFit teacher Brittany's snap story so I gave it a go and holy moly - super foods, super grains, no processed sugar and flavor for days. Delicious on it's own, but even more delicious when you play with texture and add in some fresh ground almond butter and Paleonola!