Perfect Bar

"Perfect" is a big claim. It's also the name of a One Direction song and could have been written about the way I feel in regards to my all time favorite protein bar. Sold at your local Whole Foods and Co-op, the Perfect bars are the perfect love child of a straight up spoon of peanut butter and a peanut butter cookie.  Every Sunday after I teach my 10:30 at the Edina Corepower I bop my sweaty little self into the Whole Foods in the same complex, grab a coffee and a peanut butter Perfect Bar and call my best friend in South Africa and catch up on life.

The weirdest combo ever: Perfect Bar and a Spoon Optional soup is my go to meal on the go when I need to run to a meeting after a workout.  All the protein, healthy fat, and vitamins to keep me on top of my game? Yes please.

If I haven't convinced you yet, they're also a sponsor in kind for our Sarah Herron yoga charity day next weekend so let's work on getting you there so you can taste the MAGIC. I love you, I love them, you'll love them, its science.