I'm still in denial that vanilla yogurt and granola both have sugar in them. Before I paid attention to what was in my food, that was my go-to "healthy treat" and I loved every moment of it.  When I started de-sugaring my life I was smacked in the face with the reality that both of those items have as much sugar as eating a bowl of ice cream instead so I slowly stopped buying the Yoplait brand and forced myself to eat plain greek yogurt with honey instead. I hated it, greek yogurt was an acquired taste for me, but eventually worked my way up to appreciating the tangy bitterness.  But alas, I was still missing the yummy crunch and flavor that the granola provided.

Enter here Paleonola: a 100% paleo version of granola consisting of natural sweeteners, dried fruit and nuts.  I've started topping smoothie bowls, acai bowls, chia seed pudding bowls, and oatmeal with a handful of Paleonola and a little scoop of fresh ground peanut/almond butter. Literally nothing better, ever. 

What are your go-to sugar free substitutions? Mama needs to know.