I met Emily through Instagram because she took my at my word when I said that I want to be your real life friend and came to my yoga classes.  She immediately got on board with the upcoming yoga charity class I was hosting and started promoting it, inviting people and literally owning the whole thing. She got more people there than anyone else combined and I can't imagine what that day would have looked like without her. She was one of the select few who got there early, stayed late and did anything to help without being asked. She even got her jacked crossfit boyfriend to come to what ended up being a total chick fest.

I've come to learn to not expect my friends to help with Uphold things, but rather create events and experiences that people want to get involved with despite the fact that it's me and my cause. Obviously I love it when my friends come and help, but everybody has different passions so as long as people are going after something in the world I don't get phased if they don't jump onboard with my charitable things. I remember asking her "Why are you helping me so much?" and she simply responded "Well, you'd do the same thing for me," and she hit it on the head - I would.


I've been a long time believer that if you get a passionate, empowered group of women behind something it will change. We literally grow humans, so you better believe we can affect social change. She told me a month ago she wanted to start a movement on social media with the hashtag #limitlesstogether promoting girl power and girl empowerment and I was SO excited about it. If there is anyone who can get chicks to stop tearing each other down at the sight of success and helping each other help others it's her. It's a powerful concept, from a powerful woman. Check out what she's up to, and invite the women in your world into it.