I became a yoga teacher because yoga had changed my life. It pulled me out of a pit of depression, it transformed the way I viewed my body, it shifted the way I think about disability and it plopped me dead center in a community of people who want to help others and I love every inch of that. 

Eventually, I'll be going around and intentionally doing reviews on what I love about various studios and boutique fitness places I love around Minneapolis, but I didn't need to take time out of my week to sit and brainstorm why I love YogaFit. I tell everyone I know to become a member of YogaFit - not because you get a bonus for referrals - my manager will tell you I am the worst at follow through and actually signing people up and have never gotten one. Yet somehow I've managed to grow my community of students into dedicated little yogis because of the incredible management at YogaFit. So here are the top reasons I tell EVERYONE I meet to join YogaFit:

1. The Owners are SAINTS

Seriously, Ashok and Shawna have done a charity class for any and every organization that has approached them in the year or so I've known them. Ashok also comments on every social media thing I post ever and gives me bottles of wine for no reason. If you support making the world a better place and/or my drinking habit I will love you forever. 

2. Value

Monthly membership for 24/7 unlimited yoga starts at $89/month which is literally $40-110 less any other boutique studio in the area. WHAT?

3. Management

They got Jen (Regenscheid) Wieck (my yoga mama who has taught me everything I know about yoga, encouragement and life in general) on their management team which means they also got me because that woman is my queen. She has a magical way of making EVERYONE feel like they are the biggest celebrity she's ever met, while still making them a better person both in their practice, or for the lucky chosen who get to work with her, as teachers. She pours into her staff so they can pour into the students and you'll immediately feel a part of a family which brings me to my next point...

4. Non-cult-ish

You're not going to be shamed or ignored if you come back to YogaFit after long absences. One thing I've struggled with with at a lot of high intensity workout venues is that the staff only really care about you showing up. At YogaFit I've personally seen how they reach out and care for every individual, they support the things you care about, and if for some reason you can't come for a while you're celebrated when you come back. Seriously incredible. 

5. Barre

My little ballerina gets activated twice a week at my barre classes I teach and I absolutely love it. My favorite class to teach is still Burn, but I love using barre as an exercise to teach my students how to position their bodies with an extra support before they steer away from the barre and onto their mat. 

6. Bro-ga.

Still confused how I set this up, but I somehow convinced my bosses to let me teach lit and shirtless in front of a classroom of men who get to come for free and receive beer and food after once a month.  The event is called Broga and it is a dream come true for a female bro like myself and also will probably be the way I meet my future spouse. 

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