Top Healthy Eats

You know that Dr. Seuss book "Oh, The Places You'll Go?" Inspiring AF, but the Doc forgot to mention the places and food you'll need to visit and eat along the way. Making time to spend with friends and try new places while remaining on top of my health game is probably my longest ongoing battle. Lots of places have healthy options, but let's face it: if you put a burger in front of me or a boring salad I'm going straight to burger town, becoming the mayor and never looking back. 

The best route I've found to combat this is to seek out spaces where things are all relatively healthy and they promote balance in lifestyle. Here are my three current favorites:

Truce: The almighty king/queen/emperor of nutrition on the go. I after I pound a cleanse I no longer walk but levitate everywhere I go.  Their acai bowls are from above and their almond butter bars bring me more bliss than I'm sure my honeymoon will. Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free everything. AND my good friend Courtney lives upstairs and she is the owner of one of the 5 babies I don't hate so it's a win win win. 

Agra Culture: Come to mama. 50th & France, MIA, and Uptown have all got it going on. Breakfast of champs at their Edina location after my 10:00 yoga class happens bi-monthly and their Agra Salmon bowl is precisely what Hillary Duff was talking about when she sang "this is what dreams are made of." Agra is also perfect for bringing your non-super health conscious friends out for a bite to eat without scaring them off. They've got great soups and sandwiches without funky ingredients.

Tao Natural Foods: Not only do these guys kill it in their social media game, they kill it with the food and drink too.  They also have tonics which combine the best herbal remedies for whatever ailment you're facing.  'Kay.  Love that. One the scale of "everybody will love this place" to "co-op members, juice cleansers, organic eaters only" I'd say they're at a halfway bench mark.  Their selection of food is interesting and delicious, but picky eaters may be wary at first.  That's okay, I don't associate with picky eaters much anyways.