Top Freelance Places

I'm currently writing in my bed. That's the beauty of running the show, you get to work where you want. Today I'm not exactly here because I want to be but rather because it's 1 degree outside or what I have referred to in life and other posts as Tinder weather: when it's so cold everyone starts swiping right on everyone they see that looks semi reasonable for the sheer purpose of body heat. Why do we live here? I don't know. 

What I do know however is that when I go to teach after days like this when I'm under my weight in blankets my entire neck sounds like a Rice Krispie commercial for the entire hour: snap, crackle, pop. Not good. This is not a healthy or ideal way to work as an entrepreneur.  

We do have a beautiful loft in our house which I usually set up camp in when it's not colder than the North Pole but every so often I need to change the scenery for some additional creative inspiration and sanity.  Here are my top places besides my precious home to get shit done in.

Restore Collaborative: The coolest people I've met in a beautifully designed co-working space. They gave Uphold free offices here when we started, they've sat down and told my passionate heart to calm down and be practical while still encouraging me in all the dreams I have to help children with special needs. When I went through the hardest patch of my life and came to work there was a bouquet of flowers on my desk saying they loved me and believed in me. Who does that? They do. The brain power in their tank is insane, and for any solo entrepreneur that is totally based in Minneapolis or any small business with a team - they are the co-working space for you above all others. Hand and a half down. 

Reverie: I stumbled into Reverie on accident when my friend's band (Nomad) was playing and fell in love with the cozy vibe. It's ambience was like if Wesley Andrews, a Brewery and an older theatre had a love child. They have great coffee and vegan food until your heart's content. I'm not Vegan, but I do enjoy the fact that while there I have no option but to try foods different to what I would normally select and expand my palette beyond copious amounts of Chipotle and Rotisserie chicken. The real star of the show here though is their homemade hummus and pita which I inhale quicker than whichever brand vacuum is currently rated top of the line. Dreamy and creamy, yes please. I also enjoy a workspace where I can get my booze on - beer helps with writing just as much if not more than coffee. 

Spyhouse: These guys will probably be on every list I ever create for things that help me keep chugging along creatively.  They are the fuel to my little engine who could. Their heart palpitation inducing java gets me excited about pretty much everything in life except Donald Trump and I know I'm nowhere near as cool and creative as the regular hipsters there.  Reality checks, motivation and a substance that makes me unable to stop moving in one stop. Check, check, check.


What about you? Besides your home (if you're an entrepreneur) or your cubicle (if you're a at a big company) what's your go to spot for creative means of kicking ass and taking names?