Spoon Optional Soups

I used to hate soup. Like actually, despised it. Even when I was sick. Especially when I was sick. As a child I soon realized my mom would feed me anything my picky heart desired of fear that I otherwise might refuse to eat nothing at all. This turned into mac'n'cheese with purple popsicles couch side while watching Cinderella. This may or may not be linked to the reason I went to the nurse's office at least once a week in elementary school pretending to be sick.  Well, that and bullying. But that's for another section of the blog. 

I didn't become a soup lover overnight.  Soup's distant cousin chili got me halfway there being that it's half burger/half soup and can be topped with as much cheese/greek yogurt as I want and nobody can say anything because it's still considered "healthy".  I thought I liked all chili, until I randomly bought a cup of it at a local co-op without trying it and I realized my chili tastes are limited to my best friend Fran's and mine, which like our lives are basically the same thing. I don't actually like tons of chili powder in the batch, I basically like spicy hamburger soup with some hidden veggies and I'm okay with that. 

Slowly but surely this got me to *GASP* liking soup. I'd get it at a lunch spot, but couldn't justify the amount of time it took to make it from scratch and I knew the gross amounts of chemicals and sodium live within the cans. 

I'd seen Spoon Optional soups on Instagram as they were sponsoring an event with Girl Creative and My Sister Org (side note, give those both a gander because they're amazing and empowering organizations and communities). They were providing their delicious, organic, cancerous chemical free soup at a fundraiser to fight human trafficking and empower creative chicks to work together. DREAMY.  I couldn't make the event, but I will always, always, always invest in products from brands that I know give back so when I saw it at the co-op around the corner from the studio I grabbed it. 


Enter here, the winter counterpart of juicing. Nobody wants to drink a I love healthy cold press juices because they give you tons of vegetables at once but they are not easy to drink when it is 1 degree outside aka what I call Tinder Weather (weather so cold everybody starts swiping right on everything they see that looks semi reasonable because they're just desperate for body warmth. Spoon Optional to the rescue keeping my body warm, my body healthy, and my swiping discretion in tact. 

They are the perfect meal on the go, whether you feel like being an etherial health goddess with their super greens flavor, going with the classic and everybody's favorite roasted tomato basil, or try on one of their seasonal flavors.  Fall with their pumpkin spice soup is SO cozy - one time I ate it as a dessert and put some north mallows and pecans on top!

I don't know you, your life, or your stance on soup. But I do know that Spoon Optional will bring out the soup lover in everyone and make being healthy on the go in Minneapolis 10x easier.