Men's Conf

In my heart I will always be a Hillsong girl.  Phil and Lucinda will always be my pastors.  I’ll always think of the kid’s ministries in terms of cubby, all stars, fuel, voltage and youth.  Phrases like “offense is taken not given”, “leaders sit in the front”, “blessed to be a blessing”, and “service before platform” aren’t just a part of my DNA, but they’re branded into the back of my mind when looking for a church to plant myself in.


Any young woman in the Hillsong culture looks forward to a specific conference every single year.  Contrary to public opinion, it’s not Colour.  As much as we appreciate Bobbie calling us “sweeties”, confetti and sparklers exploding during the “gift moments” and intertwining modern songs into the moments with insane dance numbers, deep down in our hearts we’re really waiting for Men’s Conference.


There is no shortage of female volunteers who have their best “servant hearts” ready to show the thousands of Christian males crowding around all of their proverbial traits that were so eloquently described in the 31st chapter. 


Seeing as I was working with the church full time, Fran and I had a really great in with the person coordinating the volunteers…she was my personal mentor. At the men’s conference they usually don’t letany women in past the entrance for the auditorium, but they needed two people to block off this section so that people didn’t move the “reserved” signs. We were more than willing to take the demanding job of being the only two females in a room of thousands and thousands of men, standing at the front in all black/leather pants (coincidentally looking like dimes…oops) smiling, and showing them who the boss was. 


Clearly, God was smiling on us when He gave us those responsibilities.  However, all of that being gawked over was exhausting.  The paparazzi wouldn’t even leave us alone as we desperately tried to leave and they made us pose with the fancy cars they’d rented.  Serving our hearts out here, clearly.


We made a dash for it and escaped.  We used and abused my American accent and walked into the hotel across the street from the church and acted like we owned the place.  We somehow found our way up onto the floating pool deck…and low and behold we had packed our bikinis in our purses for some unbeknownst reason.  We went into the bathroom to change, grabbed a towel, and headed out to bask in the sun and reflect on all of our hard work we’d just put in for the kingdom while cocktails were brought to us.  A job well done indeed.


 Now, not all of our volunteering was like this.  I have vivid images of making 10,000 sandwiches in one week for people who’s houses had burned down in a township fire and being at church from 6:00 AM till 11:30 PM every night for a week because we needed to not only make them, but distribute, continually buy food and do it quickly. 


BUT.  This story so beautifully represents the Fran and Kelsey friendship/relationship with the world.  We are always down to do literally whatever is asked of us to help the church and others.  That’s always our heart.  However, when we have an open heart and open hand, we tend to have the most hilarious and incredible opportunities fall into our laps.  Then we take them, put on some leather pants and mascara, and turn it into a party. 

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