Accountability 2019

Accountability 2019


Welcome to the best you.

New Years is an exciting time of the year - filled with new goals, dreams and intentions - but despite our best efforts, over 80% of New Years Resolutions fail.

Let’s re-write that story, together. I’ve teamed up with personal trainers, nutrition coaches and experts, group fitness studios, athleisure brands, and healthy eating spots to ensure this year is different. We’re focusing on a 21 day program simply because it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Instead of focusing on losing weight or unattainable cleanses, we’ve built a program focusing on:

  • healthy eating habits and coaching you through the why behind mindful eating

  • weekly grocery lists and recipes options that are vegan, paleo or gluten free to empower you to fuel your body with good things.

  • online support community

  • physical, mental/emotional, and outwards focused goal setting to remind us why healthy lifestyles are important

  • Community Meet Ups at fitness classes or healthy restaurants.

  • daily check-ins with your coaches

  • weekly workout programs

  • in person or online form assessment - personal trainers to give feedback on your form so you can enhance or scale the workouts designed for this program to get the most out these 21 days

We can’t wait to encourage you and watch you flourish in 2019.

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