What is look good + feel Good + Do Good?

LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD is an inspirational event focusing on becoming healthier, happier, stronger individuals so that we can greatly impact the world around us.

Kelsey Lindell started the LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD series as a yoga fundraiser to help children with disabilities in Africa through Uphold Global. Being disabled herself, she was always inspired to push past her disability when leaving the yoga studio and wanted to create space and encourage others to push past whatever limitations they were facing - both on their mats and in their lives.

We don’t promote or promise the perfect body, but instead create challenging workout events, cultivate encouragement and remind participants of their value and possible impact. We’re best able to help others from a place of personal strength and wholeness.

LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD partners with incredible bloggers and brands that help promote this concept and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. Our events are never about one specific personality or brand, but rather how when the collision of encouraging people and empowering products occurs, magic happens and the world becomes a better place. Read below to meet our inspiring co-hosts in cities near you!

San francisco

Home of the Golden Gate Bridge, the highest rent possible and my beloved Uncle Jesse infatuation.  Oh, and of course some of the coolest up and coming fitness and lifestyle bloggers.  If you're not already following these powerhouses please re-direct your attention to their profiles because I already know I'll pale in comparison to describing them to you to how incredible they really are.


Joanne Encarnacion (@gofitjo) 


Joanne is a lifestyle, fitness blogger and nutrition coach in the Bay Area.   She is a badass mother of two, wife and entrepreneur, and she is such a caring, generous and open human being. Jo has become a positive force in the blogging world, and she has created her own empire by pursuing the things she’s passionate about and sharing it with others. It was in 2013 when she decided to create GOFITJO and she quickly became one of the top fitness and lifestyle bloggers out there. Over the past few years, Jo’s become a huge role model for so many women and mothers around the world, and she continues to grow as an influencer. She finds the courage to be completely vulnerable, and we love the "real talk" moments on her insta-stories where she opens up about mental health, normal struggles and real life. She believes that fitness is not about the perfect body, it's about getting your life together, overcoming fears, and building self confidence. Fitness will always be a continuous evolution of discovering who you are meant to be. We love everything about that and her: from her sassy blue hair, great music taste and precious family.  We cannot wait for you to meet your local inspiring fit mom and chick hustler.

Why Jo is excited about LG + FG + DG coming to SF: 

"I'm thrilled to be part of an event that serves a greater cause. I've alway believed that by bettering ourselves we can create a healthy life in order to serve those around us. Fitness has done more for me than just getting back in shape. I've gotten my control back in my life and I'm empowered to help others do the same."


los angeles

Martha Kirby


Martha Kirby is a Digital Marketing Creative, Producer at Nike, and Founder of Lead Like Her - a platform for creative, independent women to tell their stories, inspire others and drive change in society. She is living the dream in sunny Venice, California. Her world revolves around adventure, travel, dance, healthy living, movement, yoga, style, female empowerment and photography. We love the level of excellence, the passion and focus on empowerment through fitness she brings to the table. What a force to be reckoned with!

Why is Martha excited about LG + FG + DG collaborating with Lead Like Her?

She is excited to share her story, connect with like-minded women, and make the world a better place through this event. 
Tickets for this event are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lead-like-her-x-look-good-feel-good-do-good-tickets-32407922970?aff=es2



Molly Oz


Molly wears many hats, a few of her favorites being wife, yogi, sales professional and blogger. By day you'll find her pouring her energy into building long-lasting relationships with my clients, working to help them achieve their goals by finding new and creative ways to champion their brand and tell their story.  I have a social presence where I engage with other Instagrammers/Bloggers over our shared passions of life, style and health. 'The Pretty Now' is my pursuit of a pretty mind, heart, body and soul. I live my mission by connecting with other creatives, brands and advocacies that promote positivity and self-love. If I'm not at work or yoga, I'm on the hunt for the next best cup of coffee. Let's meet and share it together!